Introducing MOST Innovation Labs

Introducing MOST Innovation Labs

MOST Innovation Labs is more than just a program. It represents our pledge to foster innovation, support the entrepreneurial spirit, and contribute to our community's growth. As the inaugural initiative under MOST Innovation Labs, we are setting the stage for a series of future endeavors aimed at empowering startups and enhancing services within the travel, transport, and airline sectors.

MOST Custom Lints: Our First Open-Source Contribution

Today, we are proud to unveil our first initiative: the open-source release of MOST Custom Lints. This tool helps us ensure clean, efficient code and represents our broader mission to share valuable resources with the tech community.

In the dynamic world of technology, short-lived feature flags have become essential for integrating new features into main branches without disrupting ongoing operations. However, the challenge of maintaining these flags and avoiding technical debt necessitates a solution that promotes timely cleanup and fosters collaboration among team members. MOST Custom Lints is our answer to this challenge.

This tool is designed to remind development teams to remove feature flags after a set period, thus encouraging proactive technical debt management and enhancing team synergy. We believe that sharing this tool will not only benefit the technical community at large but also inspire further innovations.

Get Involved

We invite you to explore MOST Custom Lints on GitHub at and consider contributing to its development. For those interested in integrating this tool into your workflow, the Dart package is available on at

Looking Forward

MOST Innovation Labs is the first step in our long-term vision to create a supportive ecosystem for startups and initiatives that aspire to revolutionize the travel, transport, and airline industries. We look forward to unveiling more initiatives that reflect our commitment to innovation, community support, and collaborative success.