Duty Free retailer Saxa ehf selects MOST to support sales and payment

Duty Free retailer Saxa ehf selects MOST to support sales and payment

·       MOST solution enables the sale of food and beverages as well as Duty Free onboard

·       Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf has deployed the Most technology to provide service onboard Neos airline charter operations from Iceland

·       MOST system integrated with Inventory management solution to ensure complete regulatory compliance.


Feb 1st, 2024 – Reykjavík, Iceland and Dublin, Ireland:  Icelandic retail and duty free provider Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf has selected MOST, makers of technology for a world on the move, to provide and deploy a solution for onboard payment prcoessing and back office inventory management. MOST had deployed its software solution and payment peripheral hardware together with Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf  to support Neos airline charter flight operations from Iceland. Working with MOST technologies allows Neos cabin crew members to perfrom onboard retail operations effectively as well as enabling efficient management of the retail program by Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf.


By allowing passengers to make payments using chip/pin, NFC and e-wallets, MOST's cutting-edge technology is enabling the provision of a high quality onboard service together with increased transparency of operations for both the airline and the 3rd party retail provider.


As part of the agreement, MOST provides Apple iPads preloaded with the Most POS solution as well as a payment device and custom protective cover. Most have also integrated the solution back office to a 3rd party inventory management system to ensure full regulatory compliance of the solution and service.


"MOST is excited to partner with Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf as our latest onbaord retail provider to join our platform. We are also proud to have integrated quickly our platform to comply with Duty Free regulatory compliance as part of this solution,”  said MOST CEO Jan Blanchard.


"MOST's POS and payment solution has enabled us to manage and perfrom onboard retail operations succesfully and efficiently together with our airline partner. The seamless integration between the Most Back Office and inventory management system used for regulatory compliance has also ensured complete transparency of operations for the customs authorities which is a key component of our business model," said Jón Einarsson, CEO of Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf.


"Neos are delighted that the Most solution deployed as part of these operations has been very easy to use and has enabled the crew to provide passengers with the efficient service they have come to expect. The crew love using such a simple solution that enables them to login and start selling almost immediately once the ‘shop’ is open! " said Veronica Del Conte of Neos.


About MOST 

MOST is a payment technology solutions company at the intersection of fintech and travel retail. With offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago and Dublin, MOST serves customers operating in fluid retail environments worldwide. With an agile team and advanced technology, MOST offers a modular suite of products and services for the mobility sector, including software retail platforms, a secure payment gateway, adaptive mobile payment peripherals and intelligent recommendation tools. MOST was formed to help retailers move away from legacy payment and retail platforms to thrive using more innovative methods designed for a world on the move. 



About Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf

Frívöruverslunin Saxa ehf is an independent onboard and on ground retail service provider, with headquarters at Keflavik Airport, Iceland.



About Neos

Neos is an Italian airline providing scheduled and charter flight operations with headquarters in Somma Lombardo, Lombardy, Italy