Breaking Rules with an Epic Holiday Go-Live

Breaking Rules with an Epic Holiday Go-Live

This holiday season, we've decided to throw caution to the wind and break a few rules!

Rule 1 - Never go live on a weekend: Well, we're breaking that one. Our team is geared up and ready for a full go-live on December 23rd. It's not your typical weekend, but we're not your typical team.

Rule 2 - Avoid going live on Christmas weekend: Guess what? We're breaking this one too! On the eve of Christmas, we're delivering an end-to-end solution that includes packing, payment processing, a slick point-of-sale app, and some seriously cool black and white custom hardware. Airline crew and devices are all set for their inaugural flight tomorrow. And the MOST team is on standby. Some of us will even be keeping an eye on things Christmas Day because we're committed to making this go live a seamless experience.

As if that's not enough holiday hustle, we've also gone the extra mile by helping this customer procure all the products to be sold onboard, and guess what? We've even curated our very own MOST snack box! Because nothing says "Happy Holidays" like breaking rules and enjoying some delicious snacks in the process.

So, here's to breaking the mold, delivering exceptional service, and making this holiday season one to remember. Happy holidays, everyone!