Boosting inflight sales

Boosting inflight sales

At MOST, we're continually pushing the limits of how technology can enhance the in-flight experience—for both crew and passengers. As a leading payment company for airlines, our mission is to help our partners significantly boost their top and bottom line. To that end, we've developed a suite of features that have already resulted in double-digit sales increases for our clients.

Enhancing the basics with smart bundling and upselling
With features like Bundle & Specials and Bundle Upsell, crew members can effortlessly offer passengers a combination of products at discounted rates. This not only enhances the passenger experience but also increases the likelihood of additional purchases. The system smartly suggests additional items when a product from a bundle is selected, ensuring crew members are aware of available savings.

Streamlining operations with preorders and vouchers
Our integrated preorder and voucher systems allow passengers to purchase products ahead of their flight, streamlining in-flight service and reducing wait times. Onboard, passenger can order from the digital menu, our software enable crew members to receive notifications, ensuring seamless delivery of services and products. This integration extends to activities sold onboard, with QR codes generated for easy redemption, further enriching the passenger's travel experience.

Setting achievable sales targets
To motivate and guide crew performance, our app allows airlines to set sales targets for each flight or route. These targets are informed by data analytics, considering historical sales, time, passenger load, and other factors. The result is a tailored, achievable goal that crew members can strive towards, with airline set incentives aligned to their success.

Introducing crew badges: making sales fun
While our existing features have already successfully increased sales, we believe work should also be fun. This is why we're excited to introduce our latest innovation which is due to launch after summer 2024—Crew Badges. These badges are part of a broader initiative to gamify sales, making the process more engaging and enjoyable for the crew. With badges such as Deal Diva, Night Owl, and Beer Baron, crew members can earn recognition while enhancing their sales performance.

Stay tuned as we roll out Crew Badges and continue to transform the way airlines do business onboard.