control and sell your products anywhere

convenient software for your company's needs

for companies on the move, most.Retail is reviving the art of selling. Whether you are in the air, out at sea or on the ground. most.Retail is designed to meet the complex requirements of serving your customers in a fast-moving mobile retail environment.

our apps is designed with mobility in mind

  • manage multiple venues, routes, shops and fleets

  • create categories and display most popular items

  • clearly display inventory including images, descriptions, and quantities

  • create localized special offers and product bundles

  • seamlessly pair the application with peripheral payment hardware

  • access sales transactions offline and manage refunds

  • work in multiple languages and currencies

  • remotely manage all aspects of your POS devices

our apps

all most.Retail applications are designed with mobility in mind, for convenient use in different conditions, regardless of where your company is located, whether you are in the air, out at sea or on the ground.

sell anywhere with one POS application

a pos app to easily manage sales during flights, view all transactions, manage returns, conveniently display products, and easily synchronize with most devices.

simple back office for data management

a comprehensive web-based administration platform with real time dashboard and reports, for remote pos management, interactive tax rule and refund engine, work in multiple languages and currencies.

use packing app for provisioning & inventory

an easy-to-use application for clearly organizing procurement, packaging, and inventory for your business in flight and on the ground.

  • adapts to your business

    Our open API structure means that most.Retail integrates seamlessly into existing digital platforms, allowing users to place orders and buy products. We can also plug the shop right into your existing application or create a custom web-based solution.

  • real-time updates and secure databases

    Our SaaS (software as a service) model means you benefit instantly each time we make improvements to the product – no need for cumbersome onsite updates. Moreover, we provide each client with its own secure GDPR-compliant single-tenant customer database.

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