reliable payments anywhere, anytime

a simple solution to receive payments

From planes, trains and automobiles to stadiums, shops and restaurants, we've developed a single payment platform designed to serve merchants in complex and low-connectivity environments. With most.Pay, you can authorize online and offline transactions ensuring your customers can always pay no matter where they are.

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makes payment easy and always accessible

  • online and offline authorization

  • point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

  • easy processing of individual or batch refunds

  • reports and data analytics, transaction and payment data

fight fraud

  • exception reporting, declined transactions and pattern spotting

  • bin range management and blacklists

  • machine learning functionalities

reduce transaction fees

  • choose to route your transactions to one or multiple acquirers

  • accept most currencies and local cards

  • no internet, no problem

    On the move or in remote areas, most.Pay authorizes transactions whether you’re online or offline, ensuring your customers can always pay securely.

  • most.Pay plugin

    Integrates seamlessly into any POS solution and offers a fail-safe payment option to your customers when connectivity is low or intermittent.

  • compliance and security

    Secured from start to finish, most.Pay is PCI certified and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) enabled which ensures complete protection of your payments and data.

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